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金融简介Financial Profile


Following the nation’s vigorous promotion of financial reform and open economic policies, Beijing Hanjian Group Co., Ltd takes the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development. As an important adjustment to the Group’s industrial structure, the Hanjian financial service department, Ruicai Finance, was established in 2015.

Ruicai Finance specializes in providing comprehensive financial services to medium, small and micro-sized enterprises, and individuals. It helps the business development in diversified areas such as business and personal loans, financial service warranty, project investment management, internet finance, commercial insurance, financial leasing, and private equity. Ruicai Finance aims to become a first-class, comprehensive financial group.

Ruicai Finance currently posseses two financial companies, Beijing WiseWealth MicroCredit Co., Ltd. and Beijing Rui Hengtong Investment Co., Ltd. Under the invitation of Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, on behalf of the Hanjian Group, Ruicai Finance has also actively participated in the preparation for establishing of Beijing Life Insurance Co. Ltd. with other 9 leading enterprise groups from various industries in Beijing.

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